Is it just me or is American Dad now funnier than Family Guy?

Family Guy used to be funnier and it still delivers it's zingers here and there but it has lost it's spark, despite being created by the same person. Perhaps it's a change of taste of buds, so to speak. What do you think?

  • I think Family Guy has always been better than American Dad
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  • I think American Dad has always been better than Family Guy
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  • I used to think Family guy was better but now I think American Dad is better
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  • I used to think American Dad was better but now I think Family Guy is bettet
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  • I only watch one of them/None of them
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  • Other/See results
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Perhaps you view them as equally funny?


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  • I never liked American Dad


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  • I still like Family guy better, but that's just me

  • I don't know man but robot chicken and South Park are awesome too