Great fantasy books?

So I read The hobbit and loved it. (hated the movies) Watched the Lord of the rings trilogy and they're my favorite movies of all time. (Haven't read the books yet but planning on buying them.) And please no song of fire and ice/game of thrones. I just don't like them.

And I also want to know if there's any really good pick your own path type fantasy books that aren't for kids. You know what I mean? I would prefer something that feels like fellowship of the ring. A small party or group of misfits going on a quest. It doesn't have to be big epic wars as long as there's good characters. Maybe even have a little bit of romance in there? Not cheesy crappy romance either. Like those freaking teen books. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.

Have there be wizards, worriers, different race of creatures and monsters. So are there any other awesome fantasy books that have the spirit of the hobbit book and the lord of the rings movies? Have it be character focused and not political stuff, you know? I prefer character over plot any day of the week. Maybe stuff that have a shadow of the colossus, dragons dogma, dragons age origins, D&D, feel to it.


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  • I've never watched Lord of the Rings so not really sure what it's about. But i do know a good fantasy style book. I think the The Young Elites by Marie Lu fits ur description. I read the first book and I fell in love with it. It was so captivating. It's a series. The first two books are out and the third one is on its way. It's about this girl who has the power to cause illusions and involves other people with special talents. It's historical fiction. I'm not sure if its what ur looking for but u should give it a try.

    • Is it more on the fantastical side or the alternate world side?

    • It doesn't take place in an alternate world.

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  • Well their is Dennis L McKeirnan, all of his is actually heavily influenced by the hobbit and lord of the rings. Though to be honest most fantasy novels are. If you want something less "bright" and considerablly darker you can try The black company by Glenn cook, though its not like lord of the rings (no elves or dwarves) it does have magic though to be honest the wizards are not so much mysterious and kind as they are deranged and terrifying (in one of them in order to keep a wizard contained they hammered into his heart a magic nail then buried him sealing it with more magic then had to have a lesser god (in the form of a tree) to grow ontop of the spot to keep the wizard from waking up and well killing them would be a blessing). Its actually quite good if your a fan of dark fantasy. But if you want pure lord of the rings style then Dennis L McKiernan is probably your best bet, his Iron tower trilogy even plays some homage to lord of the rings (in particular a very similar battle with a creature not unlike the balrog).


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  • As one of the guys said, David Eddings books are very good.
    My personal favourites are Robin Hobbs' Realm of the Elderlings series. It's made up of several trilogies and a series of 4, with 15 books out currently. They're very well written, well planned and very detailed.

    • Oh yes, Robin Hobb <3

      I've met her twice, last time I got to sit with her for ages and talk about her books, was amazing. ^_^

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    • @admles Haha, just make it worse! The new books are bloody excellent, too. I can't wait for Assassin's Fate this year.

    • I'm wondering is this the book where Fitz finally runs out of chances and dies, for good...

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  • Well there's the harry potter series of course, but here are so many great books. Glen cook is a great fantasy writer as was poul anderson.

    • Not really a huge fan of the books. I couldn't get into them for some reason. I like the movie okay enough but I felt like there was something missing.

    • Well its for a younger audience. You're an adult. Poul anderson wrote some great fantasiws and glen cook wrote a whole bunch. Leslie? K. Leguin not sure ofnher first name wrote thw wizard of earthsea. There's juat so many. If you pm me ill send you a list when I get some time.

  • Try "The Belgariad" (and then the followups) by David Eddings, it's fantastic.

    Or his other series "The Elenium" (and then the sequel series "The Tamuli").

  • you might wanna fux with the odyssey

  • The dwarves is a great book/series.

    • Also Legends of Drizzt by RA Salvatore is a really really long series that I enjoy.