So I decided to check in on the Broken Lizard website to see how the sequel is coming. It's going well if you discount the snow problems. I found it funny that they were still taking donations to make a better Super Troopers 2 and I stumbled across this:

$24999999 USD
This is it: the end of the line. If you kick in $25 MILLION and provide our entire dream budget, we will be so grateful that one of us will FATHER YOUR CHILD. Selling sex as a perk isn't allowed (yet!) and our wives would murder us, but one of us will act as a SPERM DONOR, giving your child celebrity** DNA. (There are all kinds of legal issues here, so contact us for more details before claiming this.)

Thought I'd share the laugh.


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  • I have a couple friends that actually donated towards the movie to get it made. I love the first one and can't wait to see the newest.


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