Which of these two form of entertainment/sports do you think has the more obnoxious and annoying fans, UFC or WWE?

The UFC currently has the really retarded and annoying Ronda Rousey fanboy/girls while the WWE back then used to have a bunch of dumb redneck fanbase.

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  • American football has hands down the most obnoxious, ridiculous, and utterly stupid fans I've ever seen. How grown men can get so worked up over a game is beyond me

  • Anonymous wimps who complain all the time and attempt to demean others anonymously :|

  • UFC, because they watch one fight and think they know everything.

  • As a wwe fan I like wwe and don't like ufc or mma except for Ronda rousey because I think she's pretty hot

    • If Rondy Rousey is the type of girl you prefer, then thre's nothing wrong with that (in a subjective sense). For me, I honestly never found her attractive at all because she looks like and reminds me of what Honey Boo Boo would look like if she were grown up and had liposuction.

  • I find sports fanaticism in general to be annoying anyways, no offense.

  • Nah, Ronda isn't retarted haha. I respect her skills. Her judo is top notch.

    • I'm not saying Rousey's retarded (although she has been acting pretty delusional and full of herself after many yes men have been feeding her, her own hype), mainly just her fans.

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    • I honestly feel like her SNL skit giving credit to Holm wasn't truly sincere. If she was really sincere, she would have still given her credit in an interview (which she had after her loss and before SNL) before she had her SNL skit.

    • Yeah, I mean... I don't know. Do I think she has a bad attitude? Yes. But like I said I respect her as a fighter. You have to admit though she is an inspiration to young girls that want to get into martial arts. That's the good side to Ronda.