Has anyone seen this movie?

I enjoy watching movies such as western's, action, drama and comedy's... also science fiction ones if they are not to far out of this world.. I have watched all of Arnold's movies.. and love the terminator movies.. simply because to me it is believable, as everything now a days is The computer age and what is to say that could not happen.. anyways I watched the latest terminator movie now 3 times and just loved it.. it was action packed all the way through and had some very funny lines in it from Arnold.. have any of you watched it.. and if so what did you think of it


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  • uh terminator genysis was complete shit compared to the others (except for 3). It's embarassing Arnold is still in action movies at his age, the story was boring, the lines were cringey and the villain was shit.

  • Yes Genysis was pretty good. The Terminator series is one of my favs. Arnold is a legend.