Which TV cartoon character is more evil?

Which TV cartoon character do you find to me more evil, Eric Cartman from South Park, or Roger Smith from American Dad?

Eric Cartman

Which TV cartoon character is more evil?

Roger Smith

I'm torn, Cartman seems to kill mostly out of revenge, but Roger will kill just to make a point.

  • Eric Cartman
    33% (2)50% (2)40% (4)Vote
  • Roger Smith
    33% (2)50% (2)40% (4)Vote
  • Other (please explain who and why)
    34% (2)0% (0)20% (2)Vote
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  • Roger by far.

    Cartmans never even pulled the trigger on anyone. He just arranges for their death.

    Roger, got bored of the regular killing long ago, and now does crap like buying special ass scorpions that enter your butt and eat their way to the other side.


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