What pranks do you and your so play on each other?

From the dutch oven to water guns to spashing each other when swimming.


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  • We tease each other a lot about other guys/girls we have crushes on. Which might sound crazy but hey, we've been clear from the start about how though we are together, that doesn't mean that our physical attraction towards others will vanish.

    For example, last night, we were chatting on the phone. I got an e-mail from a prof of mine that I've got a major ladyboner for and have been open about it with my boyfriend from the start. The email was of course academically related, but he got back to me pretty quick and ended it with a smiley face so I told my boyfriend though the day had been pretty shitty overall, it was much better now after receiving that email.

    Or often I'll be at his place and he'll prep me some food for dinner. I'll ask what it is and right after I put it in my mouth, he'll say it's goat tongue or something like that. He knows I'm super squeamish+picky about what I eat and, him being Chinese... yeah. Major point of contention. :P

  • I put hot sause on a straw put it in a drink like Coke and they drink hot sause huehue 😈😈😈😈


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