What is the song that makes you dance?

like a song that would make you dance in a night club.


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  • Shabba- Mr. Loverman
    Shabba- House call
    Rihanna ft Drake- Work
    Juvenille- Back that ass up
    Positive K- I gotta man
    Belinda ft. pittbull- Egoista
    Austin Mahone ft. Pittbull- Mmmmm yeah
    Michael Jackson- Remember the time
    Rihanna- BBHMM
    Shakira ft Alejandro- La tortura
    Rihanna- Pour it up
    Rob Thomas ft. Santana- Smooth (Classic and I love Carlos!)
    Marc Anthony- I need to know
    Romeo Santos ft. Drake- Odio (Heard this one in a club one night and fell in love instantaneously)
    Bell, Biv & Devoe- Poison
    Nicki Minaj- Anaconda
    Kriss Kross- Jump
    Nelly- It's getting hot in here
    Sisqo- thong song
    Genuine- Pony, but I also like the Far cover it's kinda rock and roll badass!
    etc etc lol.


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