What is your favorite song mashup?

I've seen many questions on favorite songs, and I've even seen one on favorite covers, but I haven't seen one (or at least recently) on favorite song mashup.

For those who don't know what a mashup is:

Two different songs, usually different artists, are combined together to make one song.
^This is my favorite one that I've found so far.
What's yours?


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  • White panda and mashup Germany have the best mashups

    • I just listened to the mashup you posted... Needs a ton of work. The songs don't even sync... I gotcha fam:


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    • Lol, maybe. There's 4 songs. Kinda hard to pinpoint which sounds. But her voice is also really high pitched, too

      I'll try and find them. I'm on my phone so it's a little more work than doing it on my computer. Yeah, there are a lot of songs on mashups I don't like individually. Like, I hate most of the songs when he does the best songs of 201_, but collectively are πŸ”₯


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  • There was that linkin park/jay z cd a few years back that I still like #noshame.
    I can't think of many good mashups I've come across. There's a queen one "I want it all/we will rock you" that I have but i think its from a soundtrack and I'm not sure of the actual title. Loll.
    And, not sure if you're counting genre mashups, but I'm a big fan of techno/rock versions of instrumental and orchestral scores. Like imaginary flying machines did one of a howls moving castle song that I'm a big fan out, and there's always the ff ac ver of sephiroths theme.
    Sum41/ludacris get back is also always on blast for me.

  • I don't know if this is a mash up, but the genius that put fire meet gasoline with halo did well.
    i love it.

  • usher/ε±±δΈ‹ζ™ΊδΉ…

  • I like 99 souls "the girl is mine", it's really catchy 💃🏽🎧


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