Who is your favorite game of thrones actor?

For me its Alliser Thorne who plays Ser Owen Teale. His character is such a d*ck, so much of a d*ck that you start to like him.

The way he talks and facial expressions, perfect symmetry.


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  • I think my favourite is probably Sophie Turner. I might be biased because Sansa's just my favourite character in general but I think that she's managed to capture Sansa's internal monologue from the books that obviously you don't get to see in the show which I think is pretty hard because Sansa doesn't let things show. The whole point of getting her inner monologue in the books is that Sansa hides so much (because she has to, obviously) the only way you're going to get any truth from her whilst at King's Landing is from her monologue. And portraying a character who can only be honest to herself in her own head and who is an amazing actress with the skill to show how she's feeling just from subtle signs is pretty cool, to me. Plus, Sophie Turner is pretty funny which I enjoy :)


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  • I always like Tyrion's acting. I think that the actor is just as smart as his character.

  • The imp xD

  • I used to like Jack Gleeson because I hated him so much! Peter Dinklage is great too

    Also, if anyone could answer this that'll be amazing, how can I go up a Xper level thing to ask more questions? Thanks :)

    • You keep answering questions

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    • Oh yah ;D. Alliser Thorne doesn't sound like a modern day name.

    • Haha, and if it were I'd imagine it would be spelt 'Alistair'

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