Can I sign? I need your MOST honest opinion?

Can I sing? No, this isn't a troll question. The reason I am asking is because I occasionally get asked to sing by my friends who ALWAYS catch me singing and they say I have a 'good voice' etc. I also sometimes get asked to sing with a group of my classmates for singing competitions for school. But when it comes down to my sister and my mom, mostly my sister, they tell me to stop singing because I sound like a 'dying banshee' whenever I sing. Last week when I was trying to practice my ear training skill by figuring out the melody and chords of songs by singing them (I play the piano and my former music teacher says I should try to develop my ear training skill more) and my sister told me that I sound like a 'dying roach' and that I should stop before she turns permanently deaf and she was SERIOUS about it. I sung to figure out the notes on the piano again while she wasn't at home and my cousin caught me singing and he said I 'have a good voice'. So I am a bit confused. I also turned down opportunities to sing on stage because of it.

So give me your best opinion. I may sound a bit off key in some parts because I have a problem with my tonsils right now. (Acute tonsillitis. It has been affecting me for three weeks now).

This is me singing in the higher end of my voice:
Here is another version of it:

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  • Yeah... your sister was right.
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As I mentioned before, my tonsils are being total trolls right now. I could upload more audio but I need to rest my throat before I start sounding like a frog.


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  • well see your voice is definitely miles ahead on what a normal person can sing at least me but it ain't perfect. you need to perfect your voice , try going to music classes or something to achieve that. But i strongly disagree with your sister she is over exaggerating your voice probably she's jealous of you.


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  • You have an okay tonal quality. I'd describe it as airy. You seem to be struggling with the higher notes (or at least it sounds that way.) I don't know your range particularly, but I wish I got to hear you sing in a lower key. I feel like it may be a better fit for your voice.

    You also need to work on your diction. I wasn't familiar with the song you were singing, and had some trouble understanding the words. I had to listen three times before I fully understood everything. It's important to fully pronounce all words to they can be clearly understood.

    I do see potential, though. I worked a lot by myself just listening to recordings of myself singing to help fix my pitch errors. It also helps to get a friend that will be honest with you when you're making a mistake.


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  • You seem like you have some vocal ability but are somewhat tone def... overall meh? its alright, you know like alright enough that you can sing along with a song infront of friends and its not a mess, but probably not alright enough to want to sing for an audience.

  • you can hold a tune, you aren't a *bad* singer like your sister says but you aren't amazing either

  • U sing way better than me that's for sure 😉

  • Not good for me lol