What is your favourite tattoo style?

  • Old School/ Traditional
    24% (5)50% (5)32% (10)Vote
  • Realism
    10% (2)10% (1)10% (3)Vote
  • Watercolour
    14% (3)0% (0)10% (3)Vote
  • Tribal
    19% (4)30% (3)23% (7)Vote
  • Oriental
    0% (0)10% (1)3% (1)Vote
  • New School
    5% (1)0% (0)3% (1)Vote
  • Script
    28% (6)0% (0)19% (6)Vote
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  • I like three types, watercolour (which is the one I voted for), minimalist, and tribal
    I'm actually thinking of getting a tattoo, if I overcome my fear xD
    So if I was to get one it'd be any of these styles:
    And I just bumped into this one here which I really like but maybe too much for me since I'd rather have a small one:

    • Nice I really like these you should totally get one, especially the first 3 :)

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    • Hehe that's nice, I'm an artist myself ;) and I think for us it's more difficult to choose, because we look into so much art and we do art ourselves, and I don't know about you, but I'm a real perfectionist, and since I want to design my own tattoo, I just know I'll never be completely happy with it and if the tattoo artist doesn't do it like I designed it I know I'm not gonna like it xD but definitely you need something you won't get bored of, that's why I want something with a lot of meaning

    • I want to design my tattoo/s myself aswell, I'll probably try and find an artist who is good at the style I want done and yer I'm definently a perfectionist. I want my tattoos to represent ideas, core beliefs, values etc that I have so that hopefully I won't grow to regret them :)

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