Do you like 90s Band Goo Goo Dolls?

I like a couple of their songs?

I like a few of their songs they do have some beautiful music


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  • YES. The 90s Goo Goo Dolls were great. They kind of sold out in my opinion since they are still making music but it doesn't sound the same quality wise :(

    Iris is great, but Name is my favorite. Here is Gone is also pretty cool too.

    • I think they're songs are beautiful especially Iris and Slide and I haven't heard their new songs but I know it's not easy for them

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    • @Blueeyes81 Yep I've heard of their early stuff. They had some good punk stuff too. I think their 90s stuff was innovative though too which is why I wouldn't call them sellouts. Their modern stuff sounds kind of like run of the mill mainstream bleh-ness.

    • I wish music can be as beautiful now like it was in the 90s ):


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