What are your favorite books to read?

Genre's /Titles 😊


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  • Mostly theology and philosophy. I'd like to start writing fiction, so I should read it a little bit more.


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  • Six of Crows - A spin off from a trilogy that admittedly I haven't read - but that doesn't actually affect my understanding of SoC. It's such a cool book. It's not too long and it's written beautifully with great character dynamics. It's basically about a group of young thieves who have to break into the world's most protected prison in order to, essentially, save the world from magical destruction. Yup, it has magic too! :P It's fantasy and thriller, I think, and there's a little bit of gore at times but nothing too excessive.

    The Raven Cycle - A series of four books about a group of teenagers who all have something a little unusual about them going in search of a buried Welsh king in order to wake him up and claim the favour he'll grant - though they're really just doing it for the thrill of finding him initially. It's fantasy and romance, it's also more of a YA book.

    The Wrath and the Dawn - Kinda like a 1001 Arabian nights feel to this one. A young king keeps getting married to his women from his kingdom and each time slaughters the wife the next day at sunrise. The story follows one new wife who wants to take revenge for him murdering her friend and who finds out that the story isn't quite as simple as him being a murderous psychopath. This one definitely has a lot of romance in it but it's pretty chilling too.

    Aristotle and Dante Discover The Secrets of The Universe - A super long title for a surprisingly short and simple book. The story focuses on two Mexican boys who I can't think of how to give a quick summary without spoiling the whole book. It's written beautifully and is a great insight into struggles with racial identity and sexuality and friendship and individuality and it's just really really pretty <3

    The Red Rising series - This is kinda Hunger Games but... So much better? Hunger Games in space maybe. Hunger Games without the whole 'broadcasted to the general population' thing. It's also a lot more bloody and savage than Hunger Games and if you like reading about more tactical things, then you'll like this because it focuses a lot on war and survival, more than the Hunger Games does in my opinion. Basically people are divided into colours and each colour has different social standing - Reds are lowest, Golds are highest and the Reds are treated awfully, they're made to work in dangerous mines. One Red boy sacrifices himself and is basically transformed into looking like a Gold so he can join their society and start a revolution.


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  • I really enjoy memoirs. I can't think of any titles at the moment, but I do enjoy ones that associate with major historical events.

  • Romance, biographies, historical fiction, whatever sounds appealing...