So my essay is about Mo Yan's novel , "Red Sorghum" and tbh i haven;t read the book (life has been hard lately, im juggling too much). But I need help on what to write about. So far, i know one of the prompts is about The element of grotesque in the novel and how it contributes to the story line. I kind of have a vague understanding of this but i need more details, direct quotes, and points to help me make a strong, clear essay. PLEASE HELP!


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  • You should've read the book. We all go through shit. I've been very ill for months and still managed to do all my work and get a 4.0 GPA this semester despite having missed an ENTIRE month of school). Instead if wasting your time on here, go read the book.

    • Okay, ur probably right but the essay is due tomorrow and i lost my book and who says I've been wasting my time? What if im trying to take in extra credit work for other classes to try and bring my GPA up? This is honestly the last thing i turned to because I've been trying to use powerpoints from my friends to try and help me but i need more help.

    • Again, there is no excuses if you ask me. I did all the work for that month by myself even though I felt like death. You neglected this essay in favour of other classes, that's not really a valid reason. But there's no use in crying over spilt milk. I'd suggest spark notes if you're really desperate for a better understanding and try finding other essays online for inspiration. Don't let it happen again though.

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