Any ideas for wall paintings?

I need a wall painting for a chalet.
not smthng abstract
smthng colorful and fresh
my mum thought of colorful boats
I googles those stuff to her as an idea but I am still not convinced

  • this as a landscape on the wall where there is a couch
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  • smthng like that with or without the animals
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  • animals ^^
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  • city line
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  • smthng like that too...
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  • more animals :P
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  • more animals!! ^_^
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ok so those are some pics of the chalet. as you can see it s really a small compact space.
obviously it s not done, there is still a bar, tv, more closets, finishes and a curtain haha. but we want smthng modern with colors since everything is homogeneous but not abstract.


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