Should my main character in my book have OCD?

I am trying to write a book and I am stuck on deciding whether to have my main character have OCD. It is a sci-fi novel and I just wonder if I should. I just don't want to others to lessen him or pity him or underestimate (not that I do because I don't) because he has it.


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  • I'd only add that feature if you know and understand OCD. Don't try to write about something you don't know.
    I can't answer this, because it depends on what the story is about.

    • As a matter of fact I do understand OCD. I have done extensive research. And I myself have it as well. While am not a one who has the same patterns all the time over and over again I do need and have to have a schedule. Also I don't have the thing with the germs. (Forget the word.) Also the book is about time travel and being stuck in the future with no way back. That basically sums it up. The crew stuck in the future and need to find a way to get back to earth.

    • In that case... Would making the main character OCD have any purpose in the story? Is there some crucial detail that requires the character to struggle from an obsessive compulsive disorder? Is yes, then go ahead and have at it. But, unless there's a reason for him to be OCD, it will just be a useless addition to the story and people won't pay much attention to it.

  • People will underestimate him. Its ocd. A disorder. Everyone is so fascinated by the idea of having a disorder but they dont actually want one. People lie and claim they have it when they don't. So maybe the character should have ocd. It'll probably make people more interested


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  • Do u understand OCD very well? Because if u do it can be a very interesting mechanic for your book