What is you take on Wonder Woman's costume in the Batman vs Superman movie?

I'm just curious to hear what you thought of it. I had an enlightening conversation with a friend of mine about Batman vs Superman and she was very quick to call her (Wonder Woman) costume a stripper outfit. I dont see it that way at all because i saw her for her abilities and morals, and not the way she dressed, which was what i told her. She was however not having it and then proceeded to talk about how Wonder Woman and many female characters in the DC world are objectified and they were initially created as eye candy for the male readers. Which I couldnt deny. I then said that DC is making changes in the media in how they portray their male and female characters because the objectifying doesn't only occur in with the females. Thats a litte off topic but the way i saw it after a researched it I saw that DC has made changes to her costume in that it is less revealing. I guess I was being ignorant in that I never noticed the objectifying and focused soley on the storyline. With all that said did her costume make her come off soley as eye candy, or was it something you hadn't thought about in particular detail, and do you agree that DC is making an effort to stop the objectifying that their characters have been subjected to? I would love to hear all opinions! Thanks!


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  • I actually wasn't even really paying attention to her costume tbh


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  • I can see how your friend would say that about female characters. There's some truth in her statement about females being eye candy for the male fans. Yes, she has abilities, but it's a bit true about her outfit being skimpy lol