Do you think the Movie ShowGirls (1995) deserves that Razzie for Worst Movie of the 1990s?

It Won The Razzie Award For Worst Movie Of The 1990s Do You Think That Movie That Bad?


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  • i didn't think it was terrible, not the best. but not horrible. it was entertaining.


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  • No way... Battlefield Earth, Batman and Robin were WAY worse. The WORST movie I've ever seen is either Speed 2 or the Green Hornet remake with Seth Rogan.

    • Battlefield Earth actually came out in (2000)

    • You know what... we need to make an exception. We have too many bad movies in the 2000-2010 range.

    • Actually it's funny Battlefield Earth won the Razzie for Worst Movie of the 2000s (:


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