Do you find Dr Spencer Reid attractive (criminal minds)?

He is so attractive, smart and unique, I wish I could marry him forever. His eyes look so kind and caring. His jawline and his darkish bags are mysterious. He is so respectful of women as well and loves to share information.
Do you find Dr Spencer Reid attractive (criminal minds)?

  • yes he is attractive
    57% (8)22% (2)43% (10)Vote
  • no he is not my type
    14% (2)0% (0)9% (2)Vote
  • I'm a heterosexual guy
    7% (1)78% (7)35% (8)Vote
  • I'm a lesbian
    14% (2)0% (0)9% (2)Vote
  • who?
    8% (1)0% (0)4% (1)Vote
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  • OMG. He's so hot. I'd give anything to make him mine! He's so dark and mysterious and brooding. <3 (heart) (lips)


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  • Mysterious gentleman with a doctorate, even i find him attractive.

    • I am going to dream of him everynight

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    • Guess you really need to commit to these kind of shows, too bad i ain't got the time for that. Enjoy your marathon though

    • Well I have all summer since I'm out of school

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