Name of song in Into the Blue club scene?

Anyone who has seen this 2005 movie with Jessica Alba and Paul Walker probably remembers the club scene, I was wondering if anyone could tell me the name of the first song? It's when they just get to the club, before Amanda comes to their table and asks the guys to come dance :)

3mo It's not J. O. D. D - Trick Daddy by the way, that's the second song.


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  • 01. The Grid
    02. Activate
    03. Plan In Action
    04. The Hospital
    05. Sam and Jared 1
    06. The Zephyr
    07. Underwater Chase
    08. Finding The Coke
    09. Battleground
    10. Plane Explosion
    11. Aftermath
    12. Sam and Jared

    Is it in these songs?

    • 3mo

      No, I just found out it's called VIP by D-BO, but I can't find the song anywhere :/

  • This was a cool movie.


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