Has your music taste changed over the years?

I know for mine sure has.
Back when I was younger, this was my jam and my favorite music genre amongst some other pop stuff on the radio:
Hoobastank - The Reason

I mean, I still like the song, but now I listen to a lot of stuff like..
Periphery - Make Total Destroy

I definitely wouldn't have been listening to that some years ago. Anything with screaming was a big no-no with me for quite some time haha.
How has your music taste changed over the years, or has it even changed?


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  • Yes it has, complete 180s. I liked rock, alternative, screamo when I was around 13 then I mellowed out to just rock, then when I got older I lost the arrogant attitude about pop and rap so I started listening to those too.

    Now I listen to just about anything that I like, listening to swahili gospel right now 😂


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  • I listen to almost every genre. But if I take the things a bit more seriously, I really have a taste.

    When I was a kid, I was not passionate about music. I used to listen to only mainstream and bollywood music which was popular (trending) in parties.

    Then I started taking music more seriously. Thanks to some video games. Sometimes, I just used to keep the game at main menu only to listen to music. Those 8-bit sounds were mesmerizingly mellifluous. It all started with this
    This is? Um? Tech-Trance?

    I grew up and started to like vocals.
    No genre can express its words better than Metal. It comes from within.

    This is a fact that you start to like what you perpetually listen and you know what is always mainstream... Pop!

    Then you know, how Rap dominated in the early 2000s? Most Pop and Metal songs had a rap inbetween the chorus. Like the songs of Linkin Park. And this!
    I also liked pure rap songs like this
    But unfortunately, it died. It was replaced by EDM. Now, we have music instead of rap inbetween the songs.

    Currently, I am in love with EDM. I think House music is the most dominating one maybe because it is similar to pop. From melodious Progressive and to powerful Big Room, House music is amazing. I don't like Deep/Future/Bass house tho. I like other genres like Trance, Dubstep, Hardstyle & Trap too.
    I wish I'd post at least one song from each genre but I think I used all of my 5 links limit. EDM is so diverse. And my music root started from Music so, the attraction must be obvious.

    I still like and listen to those older genres. And I listen to some RnB, Alternative, Country, Reggae etc too :)


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  • Quite a lot , I had many phases. Too many to mention so I selected 3.
    It all started with alt rock/metal.

    Then I had a jazz phase.

    Then I had a rap phase.

    Then I had a synth phase.

    But something that has never change throughout the years is my love for METAL.

  • my tastes have changed. i grew up in the 90s and in the mid to late 90s there was a lot of pop punk that came out (Offspring, New Found Glory, Blink 182, Fenix Tx, Akaline Trio, Goldfinger, etc). i was really into the music for probably about 4 or 5 years.

    sometimes i can listen to blink, akaline trio or nfg but most of the music is pretty bad in my opinion now

  • +1 for Periphery, never thought I'd see them mentioned on GaG.

    Yeah, I was a hater of metal when I was young since my parents were. "It's just yelling and screaming and noise".
    But then in 6th grade I discovered Metallica because my group in music did a project on them. And I realized "this is not just noise, this is fucking awesome."

    So ever since then I've been really into most of the genres of metal, but still listen to the classic rock and 80's stuff I grew up listening to. And I like all the alternative rock through the 90s and 2000s that was on the radio quite a bit a decade ago (RHCP, Green Day, etc.)

    I also like some house, D&B, and dubstep, because some of my friends got me into that. Dubstep has quite a few similarities to metal.

    • Yess Periphery and ERRA are some of my favorites now.
      Your situation sounds simular to mine except I had Avenged Sevenfold as the metal gateway.

  • I don't know since I still like all the stuff I liked when I was younger. And my younger self didn't have the new stuff available to compare. I think maybe it has changed a little bit but not that much.

  • It has, though I still like the music I used to listen, I just don't listen to it as much as before.
    I was a rock kind of guy, like Linkin Park. Then I changed into Rap, ans now I'm with EDM.
    I still love Rap and Rock, but I listen to EDM the most.

  • Yup, when i was in high school i used to like all kinds of music and loud music, now i dont like rap because its garbage, id explain why but itd take forever, i dont like heavy metal anymore either etc.. I dont blast music anymore unless its my russian music or bagpipe music or celtic or 1920s-1940s music or soda fountain days music

  • I've always had a wide appreciation for music besides rap. As of late, I've started to not mind rap as much providing you stay away from the shit stuff. You know, like all music.

  • I had this weird time period where I liked opera for no fkin reason but now I like old and new school RnB and old and new school rap

    • Did you grow up with listening to opera or something?

    • Nah I didn't I don't know what it was like in year 7 I listened to one and I was like damn and within a week my phone was full of old and new opera classics.. looking back on it that was weird as f**k

  • A bit actually,
    I like a lot more punk rock these days for example

  • I like do many different types of music Aldo so many different bands, groups and singers. With that said hard for my mudic taste overall to change.

  • It sure has! I jump around in genre quite often

  • Yeah for sure but I'd say more of expanded rather than change

  • I guess it got more flexible over time.

    • Like what kind of stuff did you/do you listen to? 😮

    • Before i was only listening to rock and metal but now i dont mind any genre, if the song is good i will listen it

  • no taste till my 19 then i met with nirvana i really like grunge :p


  • Yes, as years go by I show a bigger appreciation towards Rock. Especially the last year I listen to almost always Rock-related music. I listen to AOR or Arena Rock mostly, and Glam Metal as well. Leaving behind any Disco-related music I used to listen to. For some reason lately, I’m just not in the mood to listen to anything Disco/Dance related. I’m more in the mood for something more like a Power Ballad you know…stuff like those:




    But still I hate anything Country/Alternative/Jazz and those shit. I just can't embrace them.

    What remained stable, is that my favorite decade in music are the 80s, since I was a teen.

  • I went from rock to pop

  • I no longer listen to nearly as much Hoobastank. Screaming and poor instrument control are the hallmarks of children's music.

    • I must disagree on that second sentence over screaming = children's music. Screaming is simply a style of vocals and does not inherently target an age demographic. Even if more teens/young adults listen to a style of music, it doesn't mean the style of music is specifically for them either.

      As for poor instrument control, well, if you were referring to the video I linked secondly, instrument control is the one thing the band definitely has covered.