Anyone watch any of the Amazon Pilots?

Anyone watch any of the Amazon Pilots?
There is 3 pilot shows they made and 1 will turn into a series. People vote for which one they want to see become the series so its kinda nice to get your voice heard. I got a chance to watch Jean-Claude Van Johnson. It was pretty good drama, adventure, action and comedy mixed into one. It stars Jean-Claude Van Damme I'm sure some of you know who he is lol. Anyone else watch any of these yet? I'm unsure if you need Amazon Prime to watch them or not.


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  • Nope, but "I Love Dick"?

    • Haha yeah 😂 it has Kevin Bacon in it. Which I guess his name is Dick and a married couple both fall in love with him

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    • No you didn't but it sounds gross!

    • Thanks for the MHG

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  • Nah I have not. I just recently found out they have like every season of snl on there. Think I'm gonna check that out!


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