Why do many chicks on this site even claim young Jhonney Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio weren't attractive to them?

Why do many chicks on this site even claim young Jhonney Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio weren't attractive to them?

These men were huge hits of box offices around the world that barely happened in film industry.
So I just put Jhonney to represent attractive white guys in my another question.

But some people here even claimed those 2 are not considered white just because their ancestors were mixed and most white guys don't have their feathers. How come most average white guys could look like popular movie stars that ever broke the box office? And they aren't considered white just because they're slightly mixed? Well, most people are slightly mixed. Even Hitler has been proven to carry African and Jewish gene.

How come their standards are that high?

  • because they know they have no chance with them
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  • because they're racist
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  • because they are jealous
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  • because they aren't their tastes.
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  • I have no idea.
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They're saying an average muscular black guy could be more attractive than those 2.
Because he's more masculine.
Lol I've never gone through these in reality. this site is weird.


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  • It's the anti-white narrative, Same reason those b*tches downvote anything supportive of white men in any way and bash them any chance they get.
    Of course, those same b*tches will back pedal, deny, and make up all kind of asinine shit to support or justify their nonsense.


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  • People like what they like. It's not like the entire world is on this website. Also I'm not really sure why race, religion and feminism has appeared in this post? It's not like they said "I don't find them attractive because I'm a lesbian that's into black Jewish transgenders". It's a preference...

    Also, please learn how to spell "Johnny" ... that's the weirdest spelling I've ever seen.


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  • because not everyone finds the same thing attractive.

    George Clooney does nothing for me, nether does Brad pitt at any age.

  • This question is ridiculous. Not everyone finds the same thing attractive. I think they were definitely gorgeous but it's not that surprising that there are girls who don't. People have preferences.

  • No idea. I like them both.

  • No idea, but Leonardo, Still my favorite actor

  • This website is sick, I bet the majority of accounts is made by fake accounts, they say that prefer these ugly Asian boys, blacks and arabs but in the votes the white males are winners, and the attractive men in women preference are white men in every picture unless the woman is racist and bitter against white, this is why they are minority in a unbiased website, place wiht real women, and less fake accounts.