Best hip hop/ rap artist of all time?

My fav is eminem.


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  • They're some very great rappers out there no doubt about it but everyone knows Eminem is the king of rap/hip hop until someone better comes along. An no am not a crazy Eminem fan but I do like his music that's for sure and to be honest the guy never makes a bad song in majority of his albums.

    No one can compare to his gimmick and style that he utilises becuase its just so dam unique and talented. He will go down in history as a legend that's for sure like Muhammed Ali, Michael Jackson or Stevie Wonder etc.

    • Although I wouldn't say Eminem has a song that is the number 1 greatest rap/hip hop single of all time.

      I would say world's greatest hip hop/rap single has to be handed down to Coolio's Gangsters Paradise. That was just fantastic poetry, lyrics and music.


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  • Eminem is a good one!!!
    Young Jeezy, Lloyd banks, game, snoop, brotha lynch

  • Lecra, KB, Trip Lee, and Andy Mineo. Those are my fav.


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