I Need Opinions on this Drawing?

I call it Excrement Cat because my Poppy said it looks like excrement when I coloured in the base coat.
Mostly looking for opinions on the anatomy, not the coat design, and just ignore the mess around it. I've been sketching all day and never bothered opening a new document.
I Need Opinions on this Drawing?

Mostly want tips on the legs, I've been drawing dogs a lot lately, to stop giving dogs cat legs, and now that I'm going back to cats again I have to stop giving them dog legs...

Also the shading, I don't think I did too good on this one.

my deviantart.


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  • Not really familiar with cats and much less their anatomy tbh, but your drawing does seem off in proportion. Looking at these pics, I think you have to elongate its torso more:


    Its torso seems to be about 7/3 or 9/4 the length of its head from the tip of the nose to the nape of the neck. They also don't have a protruding chest; their underside looks to be just parallel with the ground, unless they have a bulging tummy or are arching their backs or are in some kind of pose.


    Paws also need to be more rounded, like rather than drawing it in one straight sloping line like this /, it should be with two lines like this < in maybe a 90 degree angle. :)) Does that make sense? Anyway, the legs actually look okay, maybe just make them a bit thinner and keep in mind their bone structure when you do them. It should be a seamless line from the neck to the front legs:



    Nothing would be bunching up at the tops of the front legs, since its muscles would be stretched back in the direction of the humerus bone. And as you can see in the last picture, the sternomastoid goes all the way from the back of the head down to the end of the humerus.

    • Thanks for the tips!

      Oh, and the reason the chest is protruding a bit is mostly just because of fluff. It's just its fur.

    • You're welcome. :)

      Wouldn't it be fluffy throughout though? X)

      Anyway, just keep it up!

    • It is fluffy throughout! I... just go lazy... only reason thelegs have no fluff i because I'm terrible at fluff XD should have made the tail fluffy though.

      Thanks, I will!

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  • It is fairly good but the angles are a little too sharp for a cats bones

    • Yeah I usually round the lines out a little, I read a tutorial once that said the rump of cats is more square than the rump of dogs so that's why it's a little sharp, just a bit over exaggerated.

      Thanks for the critique though!

  • I like the drawings - The detail is really good

  • Cool style! :D Keep posting more work.

    • I might post the dog I'm working on for you ^-^ If I can ever get the colouring finshed anyway XD

  • your a great artist and i wouldn't change anything about that picture.

    • Thanks!
      there's a bunch of things id change but i suppose its easier to see the flaws in your own work than somebody elses haha

  • Proportions, like 4:3, would help.

  • This is really good, I like the style of drawing


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