What is your favorite house in game of thrones?

Mine is house Stark, i can't help it xD.
I think it is the only family who has some modern values and it is the most tragic one.
My favorite characters are from house Stark, Jon Snow, Ned Stark, Ayra Stark and Roob Stark were my favorite.


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  • House Stark for me too. I like Jon, Sansa, Arya, catelyn, and Ned. Robb was an idiot he should've never broken that deal.

    • Yes i know Robb was an idiot xD, but looking back at that episode when they all scream at him"THE KING OF THE NORTH" it is just soo epic.

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    • Sansa┬┤s actress said that Sansa does not trust Jon Snow that much.
      I hope Sansa does not make another mistake by following LF again and betray Jon, Sansa should ask something like being consider the queen of the North. And rule with Jon Snow, I have a felling that season 7 will be the death of LF.

    • Jon snow is one of the few people I would trust. Basically because he is the embodiment of honor and always does what is right over what is easy. I am sure littlefinger has something up his sleeve. I hope she doesn't trust him. I feel if she does, that will be the death of her and possibly Jon. But if she plays her cards right, she could kill littlefinger

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  • Stark and Targaryan. I liked the Baratheons too buuuut...

    • I liked Stanis the Manis xD, but he killed his own daughter.
      I hated him after that.

    • He was the one I liked the least. I had respect for him tho til that part...

      I liked Robert despite all the reasons not to and I feel like I could have been friends with Renly

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