Bored? Do you want to play truth or dare?

Here are the rules:
-You ask me one question, or make me do a dare (depends)
- Then I will ask "truth or dare"


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  • Dare!!! (thought I'd be the first)
    Type out every letter of the alphabet in order, 5 times over, and time yourself. How long did it take?

    (not a very good dare, I know, but what else can you do on the computer?)


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  • I am not that bored

  • Ok... ever tried mens clothes?

    • Yup a couple of times
      Truth or dare?

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    • It was a pretty normal boring one, believe me. However, my parents were a little bit strict and they did certain things without even noticing that those kind of behaviours would torn my confidence down.

    • There's always going to be ups and downs in our childhoods. Just the way things are...

  • I dare to to post a pic of your feet ?

  • Have you ever farted in a crowded room and blamed someone else?

    • I don't think I did. But I remember I had burped once so loud (and believe me it wasn't a ladylike)
      So I had to blame a friend of mine

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    • No, then life would be too boring. I don't believe everything is predetermined.

    • Yeah I don't think I would do it either. Our life will lose its meaning

  • Have you ever creaped on someone that it was almost borderline illegal.

  • Is it true you've never had any lesbian fantasies?

    • No I have never had those sort of fantasies
      Trurh or dare?

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    • Hm, I like emotional pain more than physical, it holds a longer effect lol.

      But, I would cover him in ants!! Then put a case over his head and let a few bees loose inside. Put his hands in small cases filled with piranha. 😈. The basics.

      You're a victim of a hit and run! A stranger offers you a ride to the hospital, you accept. Before arriving you recognize he's a seriel killer, what would you do?

    • Oh wow!! Where do you exactly get your ideas from?

      Hmmm usually serial killers have certain criteria for their victims. So maybe I wouldn't fit in.
      On the other hand, I would have to kill him with the knife I have. ( a girl shouldn't leave alone unprotected)

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