How can you tell what is genuine and what is fake/ scripted/ set up on non scripted TV?


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  • Very little is unscripted on Reality TV - Watch for things like a deep emotional moment then you go hang on they just changed camera angles - I think these moments happen but the producers ask them to reenact them - I feel the true ubscripted moments might be things like a kiss caught by a wall camera.

    • Interesting point. What sort of camera angles would show something is unscripted?

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    • My feeling is what happens that the moment takes place and the producers asks them to reenact it for certain angles

    • yes i think so to. If it is one angle it is probably genuine, unless they have lots of cameras then it is also genuine.

  • Pretty muh anything thats not survivorman isn't actually reality
    Lol and even that is probably super edited


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  • The easiest and quickest way to tell is if the people on the show are getting very angry or fired up about a seemingly small or petty thing, or just generally (trust your gut, so they say) seems extremely improbable given the circumstances. Most 'reality' shows, even if not truly scripted, will re-film instances or tell people to say things for the sake of the show. If a scene just seems off to you, consider googling it. Often if there's a big brouhaha on a show either the stars or someone behind the scene will do an interview/post a follow-up on social media that may clear up how things went down.