Why is EDM such excellent driving music?

Something about it just screams "road trip!" Love driving around to EDM.


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  • EDM -> Excellent Driving Music
    Coincidence? I think not 😄

    • Dang! I didn't even see that! That's cool lol.

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  • The real reason is because it has a lot of groove, it's very "flowing" and the beats are usually designed to feel like they are constantly rolling forward, and it's usually mixed into hour+ sets, so there's just the impression of smooth forward motion that doesn't stop.

    But like someone else said it's great everything music. But I kinda hate calling it "EDM".

    • The constant arpeggios and synth go well with the dashed lines on the road as you speed down the highway! 😎


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  • It's not just for driving, I listen to EDM music almost all the time.

  • Yeah - Good call

  • I'll agree. I have a few 1-2 hour mashups I put on for my road trips.

  • can't stand EDM, especially driving. It all sounds exactly the same.
    Give me Rolling Stones or Pearl Jam for road trip tunes.

    • I put... And Justice For All the album on my road trip today.

      Such a great album

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    • I guess I was exaggerating a bit, @PT1911 said it better than I could. It is music, but I see music as art and emotion. I don't see any artistry or talent in it.

    • But also there ARE some genres that are really simple and not complex, it's mostly house and subgenres of house though.

  • That's because you like EDM.

    There's far better music than EDM for road trips

    • Said every nerd ever...

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    • @SoFeckinAddicted

      It kind of does, I said I didn't like the OPs taste in music and provided my reasons why. As someone who has been playing music for extensive part of their life, it's one of my favorite topics of discussion. Your claim of saying I know. nothing about music simply because I stated my opinions of EDM just shows you like it and will defend it to the bitter end, claiming I know. nothing about music, when I actually do.

    • You don't have to like it. But saying it's simplistic and boring proves you don't know much about music.