What kind of Dromaeosaur do you think the "Velociraptors" in Jurassic Park where?

Arguments for:
It shares the same name as the animals featured in the film
Arguments against:
The real velociraptor was the size of a Turkey while the dinosaurs in the film where much larger than a grown man. Also at the beginning Dr. Grant was digging up a raptor skeleton in the US when Velociraptors lived in Mongolia

Arguments for:
It was closer in size to the dinosaurs in the film than the real velociraptor and it was found in the US
Arguments against:
It was still only about the size of a grown man while the raptors in the film were much larger than a man

Arguments for:
Utahraptor was found in the US and like the raptors in the film it was much larger than a grown man.
Arguments against:
Utahraptor was (by a wide margin) larger than the raptors featured in the film.

Arguments for:
Achillobator was the same size as the animals in the film
Arguments against:
Achillobator was found in Mongolia while the fossils of the dinosuars depicted as "velociraptors" where found in the US and while Achillobator was found in 1989 it wasn't described until 1999, after the film took place.

Arguments for:
Dakotaraptor was the same size as the dinosaurs depicted and was found in the US.
Arguments against:
Dakotaraptor wasn't discovered until 2005 (after the film was made) and had a proportionately much larger claw.

Arguments for:
Since the raptors seem to have traits characteristic of multiple dromeaosaurs, it may be that Ingen collected DNA from multiple raptor species to make the animals seen in the film
Arguments against:
No where does it specify that this is how the raptors were engineered.

  • Velociraptor
  • Deinonychus
  • Utahraptor
  • Achillobator
  • Dakotaraptor
  • Hybrid
  • Other
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  • The Velociraptors (especially their size) were not accurate to the real-life fossils, but within the narrative of the story, they were just meant to be "Velociraptors" --- with some frog DNA to fill in the missing genome sequences I think? --- rather than a hybrid of any other dinosaurs.

    As for the film design, though, the filmmakers most likely based it most on Deinonychus --- I think they even said this themselves --- with some changes to make it more dramatic of course, like making it taller than the real dinosaur was.

    But Deinonychus is the closest thing for sure:
    1) It is popularly known as the "human-sized raptor"
    2) Its killing claw is closest in size to the one you see Alan Grant carrying around in his pocket lol
    3) Its skull is closest in size to the heads of the raptors in the movies
    4) Its fossils are found in the US, where Grant was shown to find the fossil at the beginning


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  • What?

  • Velociraptor were not the size of a turkey, they were 2 meters long (6'8 ft) and 50 cm tall (1.6 ft). That's larger than a turkey, although, turkey can weight more, because people are fattening them up (Velociraptor's weight was only 15 kg / 33 lbs).
    In the Jurassic Park/World, they were named Velociraptors, because it sounds cooler, and it's easier to remember.
    However, their size is more in accordance with Deinonychus and Achillobator, or some hypothetical hybrid of these two species.
    Utahraptor and Daktoraptor are too large, so it's definitely not them.
    PS - I don't believe in the "feather" bullshit, dinosaurs have lived in very warm climate, they wouldn't have any need for feathers.

    • Actually Dakotaraptor was around the same size and as for
      "PS - I don't believe in the "feather" bullshit, dinosaurs have lived in very warm climate, they wouldn't have any need for feathers."
      Uhuh, right

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    • The average temperature at the highest point in the Cretaceous was 70 degrees Fahrenheit as opposed to 54 today. It wasn't that hot and the feathers aren't theoretical, the Quill knobs where there.

    • The Quill knobs where found in only 3-4 species, which are most likely the ancestors of all the birds.