Music homework help?

So The only one that has been done is the A major scale. and im stuck with doing the E major scale, F major scale, and E flat major scale on the bass cleff.
I need help putting these notes on the staff.Music homework help?


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  • look at the intervals between the notes. for any major scale, the pattern is exactly the same, you just start on a different note

    • 1mo

      so i just copy what i did with the first one of the Major A scale? to Major E, F, E flat

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    • 1mo

      Okay :) is it alright if i can post the update screen shot of it so you can correct me if i did right or not?

    • 1mo

      sure but i might be a while :)

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  • Just remember:
    Whole Whole Half Whole Whole Whole Half (as in whole step half step)