Does anyone else get triggered watching kids movies?

I was watching The Lion King and Scar threw Mufasa off the fuckin' cliff. I was pissed! Chucked the remote across the room and yelled WTF! My brother was like dude chill... I told him to fuck off. Fuck you Scar! I think I might need therapy. Anyone else experience this?

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  • No, that's stupid you dumb fuck...
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  • Dude you need help...
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  • Huck Fillary
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  • why does Bambi's mom have to die? Did the hunters even come for her after they shot her? So many unanswered questions

    • 1mo

      I'm guessing they let the hounds follow her scent and then took her with them.

    • 1mo

      Don't even get me started on Bambi... ahhh!

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  • I always liked scar more. He has a certain swagger to him and I mean, his original African name is Taka, meaning garbage. Two sons named king and garbage. I'd be mad too.


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