Physical copy vs. digital copy?

Do physical copies of video games take up less space in a console's HDD than digital copies, or do they take up space equally?

My guess is that they take up less space since the console is just reading information off the disc, but I've heard that the type of copy makes little to no difference in HDD storage usage, so I'm not sure.


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  • It doesn't make a difference at all (at least for Xbox and PS4). Since both forms of media have to be installed, they take up the same amount of space. Ultimately, it comes down to what you prefer. Both have its pros and cons.

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  • If you install the game from a disk it takes up about the same amount of space as if you download it. Playing from a disk rather than installing it can lead to slower play and since there are more moving parts, greater chance that something will go wrong. But you save HDD space, about 4 -5 GB per game.

  • No it makes no difference. On Wii U you don't have to install the games which is a plus. I prefer physical copies so I can put my collection on display.