Who else thinks that Sims 2/3 is a lot better then Sims 4?


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  • never a fan of sims, i tried sim3 but nehh

  • I played Sims 2 to death years ago, so I've had my life long fix of the franchise. Sims 2 certainly had the best music - I'd play the catalogue and neighbourhood themes on loop if I could.

    • I first started playing Sims 2 when I was 11 and been into it since then. But Sims 4... I have tried several times to get into it but it just doesn't happen :/

    • I briefly tried Sims 3 a few years ago, I remember that. Something just seemed off about it.

    • I play Sims 3 all the time and yea Sims 2 is good. It's just Sims 4 has gone downhill rather than upgraded.

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  • Have every single game of sims 1, 2 and 3 *cough* totally not an addict *cough*
    haven't got around to playing sims 4 but seems like there is a lot more you can do to customise your sim though. Other than that not much difference between 4 and 3. Sims 2 had a lot of personality and character, for instance the whole Bella Goth story and Mrs. Crumplebottom.. something about Sims 2 was so much better than 3 and 4. But Sims 1 was a lot of fun too, couldnt take care of a baby to save my life in that though lol always a social worker whisking away my baby 😭😭😖

    • Bella and Mortimer Goth were in Sims 1, they had Cassandra and in Sims 2 it goes a bit further along where Alexander is born and Bella is missing... they added a story on to that xD where as Sims 3 goes back to when Bella and Mortimer are kids... well with Sim 4... it is kind of centred around the couple.