Are beta readers necessary for an aspiring novel writer?

I had some unreliable beta readers for a short story I wrote. They did not even bother to email me back even though I sent them all reminder emails. Now I am halfway through rewriting my fantasy novel (3rd draft) and I do not want to use beta readers because mine did not even send feedback, but I heard that its good to have someone else read it, so that they can look at it objectively.


I message them on a forum not my direct email. My novel is going to be about 90K-100K words


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  • What about your friends? I would not suggest family members..

    • I asked them but i cancelled the beta reading because i did not like the plot and it was not edited so im changing the plot

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    • I like the plot now. Apparently beta readers have to read the edited version, the one that is supposed to be sent out to be published

    • I would suggest sending a PM to fathoms.. I could look over a 5 page treatment, but I think dude would give a better outlook.

  • I'd say it is, because that's the only way you can get feedback in time to change the story. When you're writing, everything you write makes sense because you *know* what you're trying to say. Only another person can tell you what is missing.

    • But my beta readers did not even send me feedback. They sent me nothing, they couldn't even finish my short story

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    • Writing groups? Try google and your state and city. Try meetup. com. ask your librarian.

    • I go to a university, I will ask

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  • I think you should try one more time