Would you watch a video like this (about abuse)?

I am making a Sims 4 machinima, and it's going to follow this story:
A little boy is born into a small family. The mother dies in childbirth with him and his twin sister. He spends the next 7 years of his life locked up in a padded, sound-proof bedroom. The only face he remembers is his father's, who comes to visit him frequently. When the father visits, he sits beside the boy on the bed and cuddles him. (Not shown in video: He molests the boy and abuses him.)

One day, the boy begs him to be allowed to go to school. He says yes. After some time in school, he learns from other students and the teachers that what happens to him is not normal. He realizes that he must find a way to break free from his abuse. He tries to go to the police, but the father works with them and talks his way out of the accusations. So, every day after school, he has 15 minutes of free time to explore the house before his father comes home. He slowly gathers evidence, and he finds a video camera to record his story.

In his searches, he meets his sisters for the first time, and learns that they, too, have suffered abuse. Together, they all come up with a plan to seek help. Their introductions bring hope for a better future and give them the courage to fight against their father. (They all get a happy ending.)

Video description: The video starts off with a short intro. After that, the little boy is sitting on a bed in front of a pretty nature scene, and begins to share his story. A camera is recording him. His face is dirty and covered in burn marks. He talks of his family, then he says he wonders what having sisters feels like. The scenes change to show the house and his two sisters laughing and playing. "I wouldn't know, because... I am not allowed to leave this room." The nature scene fades and he is now talking in the padded room (he's been there the whole time).

That's as far as I've gotten on the video. Would you watch this? I swear the editing is good. :)

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  • No, I'd rather not.
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  • I might, but I have a few questions/concerns about the story... (Tell me)
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  • I'm interested. Count me in. You could send me a link in PM or post it here under my reply. I have Sims 3. It's not my type of game, but your video might make feel better about this game. And I've never seen such kind of video before so, it must be worth the time and suspense.

    Good luck :)

  • I've seen some painful videos before that carry a message

  • No i wouldn't.


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  • It sounds interesting. Good plot. Reminds me of the types of stories I make.