Which of the following FPS games of this year did you enjoy so far?

Even though I never got to play Titanfall 2(yet), I've enjoyed Battlefield 1 out of the rest on my PC.

  • Battlefield 1
  • Titanfall 2
  • Call of Duty Infinite Warfare
  • Others
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  • Battlefield 1 - graphic are insanely good but the game is glitch as hell

    • Yeah, eventually, they should patch it up very soon.


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  • I gave up on playing FPS games for a while. Too many disappointments the last few years. There are plenty of other genres that I enjoy playing though, so I'm fine.

    • While I will agree with you that many FPS games from the past couple of years were disappointing, I honestly thought Battlefield 1 redeemed the FPS genre with a few new things added and all.

    • I haven't tried it because the only two Battlefield games I played before weren't the kind I liked. It was Hardline and something else. And COD, well I liked all of them until Ghosts. After that I haven't wanted them. I got BO 3 and didn't care for it either.
      Titanfall has the same wall running and jet pack stuff that makes me not want to play COD.
      I'm just mostly playing RPGs, strategy, and sports games now.