Can you help me figure out the name of this song?

I've heard this song now twice, and I'm driving so can't write down the lyrics or remember them. It's a recent song, I'm guessing pop song 2016 b/c I heard it on a Pop station. There is a guy humming the first few bars. Something with God in the lyrics.

It's not James Blake, "Retrogade" or Joel Adams, "Please Don't Go."

Help me name that tune please...


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  • If I may recommend a song you should listen to: "is it love" (Arty remix), and Falling Away (Festival Mix). They are excellent, check those out. Do you have Shazam?

  • Name some of the lyrics of the song

    • all I can remember was the humming of the song at the beginning and there was a lyric about God not letting him fail or something like that. I literally repeated the chorus until I got home from driving, but then got distracted and forgot, so now I can't figure it out.

What Girls Said 1

  • Mercy by Shawn Mendes?

    • No, unfortunately that's not it.

      Geeze there are a lot of songs that start off with humming!