Ideas to decorate my room?

I've run out of ideas. Here are a few things about myself to possibly help any ideas you may have :)

Music I like:

My favorite music genre is classic rock. My favorite artists are Britney Spears, Amy Winehouse, Marilyn Manson, Queen, and Frank Sinatra.

Favorite colors are turquoise, orange, purple

I like abstract art but also landscapes.

I like animal print and tacky stuff lol..

I really like antique looking stuff.

I love wooden pieces of furniture that give a country look.

This isn't very PC of me but I like "gypsy" looking stuff.

My room is small so.. keep that in mind. Pictures would really be appreciated :)



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  • I'd say posters nice wood bed frame and old looking items


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  • Try pinterest they have tons of decorating ideas I go on there all the time for ideas.