Why are some celebrities nice to their fans when they meet them and other celebrities treat their fans like trash?

I've only met two celebrities in my life: Ryan Seacrest and Taylor Hicks from American Idol who were both really nice (Ryan Seacrest is mega hot in person as well). But I have heard horror stories of fans meeting their idols eg Justin Bieber and Kylie and Kendall Jenner and the 5sos boys.. I am not saying they always treat their fans badly when they meet them, but how many times is it no longer ok?


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  • Strictly ego. I've met dozens of celebrities. Some are nice, down to earth people and others are absolute s**t heads.

    • Did the nice ones you met have anything in common?

    • Other than being in the public eye, no, not really.

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  • i dont know, i met victoria beckham, aaron carter, aaron pichette, carrie fisher, tom felton they are all so nice, never had a bad experience


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  • Imagine if you are getting recognized and approached by hundreds of people every single day no matter where you go. At some point you would get sick of it and couldn't just be nice to them. Maybe some of them like it, but some of them doesn't.

  • Ego is everything


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