The Notebook (2004). Is it relatable?

If not relatable, do you think such a kind of love exists? Is it that strong?


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  • I've never seen it and have no interest of ever seeing it. But I will say that anything in a movie is "better" than its real life counterpart, so no.


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  • Everytime I see a scene in The Notebook there's a resounding "YEAH RIGHT" in my head

    • Exactly... do you remember the scene, where Norah holds the notebook in his hand.. and its written, "Read this and I'll come back to you" oh Jesus! It gives me goosebumps Everytime!!! It's way too...:')


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  • Don't know never loved anyone

    • Yet, ? Like what do you think? Is it possible?

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    • How is love selfish?

    • Have you been in a relationship? I guess no, that's why you're asking this😂. I've had a quite a few bad experiences.. That's what makes me believe that love is selfish

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