Wtf I thought India did not show things that are too revealing in their videos and movies. Has anyone seen this video before?

Can anyone from India give me the rundown. Are the videos usually not sexual?

Someone also made a "Korean version" of this too, lol its just a different video


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  • I am from india and this is not the first time such music video has been released.
    Also it is not revealing as the girl is covered at appropriate places. yes other people are correct it is like women you see on beaches.


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  • I thought the same thing too


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  • Nothing is revealing in this. Its just like going to a beach and watching a women in a bikini. She is well covered with the best fitting bikini.

    • women in bikinis are not common in indian television

    • You are not an Indian and you will not know. Bikini wear is not banned on Television. All movies are shown on National TV---DD1 and in most of the movies women are in bikini. Ever heard of the name Sunny Leon and Malika Sherawat. They are always in bikini in movies and these movies we have seen on DD1.

    • i never said they were banned

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