I love Apple, but I think we need to part ways...
Apps keep crashing, no storage space. I've owned 2 iPhones in my lifetime. Love how easy they are to use, however, I'm sick of apps crashing. I'm sick of constantly having to delete stuff to make space. My contract is up soon, any suggestions for a new phone?


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  • The best smartphone for you depends on factors like your overall budget and what you plan on using the phone for. There's a variety of articles online that will give you in-depth reviews of smartphones. I'd personally never advise anybody to buy an iPhone over an Android, but that's probably because I'm more technologically inclined than others and know what "specs" mean.

    Here's what you want to look for:
    -5" screen or less for one-handed use, or if you like to play games/watch movies or just look at your screen a lot, anything bigger than 5" will work. Google Pixel is probably the best smallest phone, at 5" screen size.

    -If you want picture quality, ignore megapixels and look at pixel size and aperture. The bigger the pixel size and lower the aperture, the better. Samsung Galaxy S7 has the best general camera function, while the Google Pixel has the best HDR capabilities. iPhone's have always had good cameras (probably the only good thing about them) but we're excluding them for obvious reasons.

    -If you want the best speed for gaming purposes, look more specifically into Android operating systems. You want something with a Snapdragon 820 processor and 4GB of RAM. Samsung Galaxy S7 is the best phone for gaming.

    -Don’t settle for a smartphone with less than a 3,000 mAh battery if endurance is important. The Moto Z Play is the best phone currently for battery life. It survived almost 14 hours on extensive battery testing and can go for over 50 hours without needing to be charged when not using it for much else.

    -Go for at least 32GB over 16GB. 16GB is a rip-off unless you plan to just use the cloud for all storage of files and pictures, and like you're experiencing with the iPhone, you'll be running out of storage quickly.

    So, if you want my suggestion, go for the Samsung Galaxy S7.

    • Thank you so much for the in depth answer! Definitely helped a lot (and for the record, I have 8GB of storage right now on my current iPhone... no idea how I manage)


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  • The Google Pixel is the best right now.

  • I have an apple, very happy with it tbh. When I had Samsung , it broke so fast, the phone crashed, and when I fixed it, it broke from falling a foot. I would stick with apple, but I hear the new Moto's are nice.

  • I have iPhone 6


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