Gaming/Streaming question, kinda ready to give up?

Well I don't know how to start this well to start off I suppose I recently started streaming on twitch around aug? And I only recently got up to 100 follows which was a big thing for me and I was so proud of it I get around 5-10 people viewing that enjoy my stream and talk. Here's we're the part I'm having problems with I have this I wouldn't say friend anymore because it seems like she always like to one up me, but from how she was in the past she was a giant egirl/ewhore which is someone that acts like there into gaming and post sexual pics on there twitter to attract other guys. Anyway she knows I've been wanting to stream for ever and how much it means to me and she always thought it was stupid and silly and now she recently started streaming as well and what took me 4-5 months to get 100 followers took her 2 days.. and she sure hasn't let me Hear the last of it she brags about how easy it is and how she gets up to 30-40 viewers and I can't help but feel like shit. It's not fair that I'm working my ass off and it's so easy for her because she has a crowd of guys wanting her nudes she's had her nudes leaked I don't know how many times and a video of her having sec with this guy... she acts so fake and makes her voice sound like a child's so the guys think she's cute. I don't know I'm kinda eh about streaming now she makes me seem like a joke :/ I just don't know what more I can do to prove I'm not a loser or failure... not to mention I'm steaming from a laptop so it's not the best quality therefore I've been saving to get a nice computer and then boom her father buys her a great computer to play games and stream with. Honestly just feels like everything for me is shit :(


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  • First of all, she is not streaming the same content as you are, so you're results are incomparable. She is using sexual prowess to her advantage, but she's gotten herself into a trap, because now her fans will keep expecting more, and nobody will take her seriously. She may have a lot of followers, but they will keep wanting more and more, and eventually she will reach her limit, they will get tired of seeing the same thing over and over again, and she will keep the followers and lose views (which is even worse than losing the followers altogether).

    Your channel will probably outlast hers if you consistently stream original, entertaining content. Your fans will continue to support you as long as you continue to live up to your standards you set for yourself in the beginning. The problem with your "friend" is that she set the bar too high, and eventually she will get exhausted and lose support. If you already know what you are doing, and are comfortable with doing the same thing for a long time, your viewers will know what to expect.

    If you don't get what I'm saying: Let's say that both of you started off streaming video games once a day. If you continue to stream daily gameplay while she starts posting makeup tutorials twice a day, you will keep your support and she will lose hers.

    Don't get discouraged, because I guarantee you that your popularity will increase much more rapidly when you upgrade your quality. Once your equality is on par, you will only have to focus on developing a good streaming personality and recording entertaining commentary. Be unique and interesting.


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  • Why does it matter what she's doing?
    You stream for your reasons whether for fun or money or a bit of both. It shouldn't really matter what other people do on their channels.

    • I get that but when you have the other person constantly showing off and reminding u how much better there doing its kinda hard to ignore not to mention she's already sent people into my stream to try to get my views to check her out instead.. ignoring the issue I could do but she does the same thing when I see her in person especially since we work together in the same place

    • If she keeps trying to put you down she doesn't sound like much of a friend.. Maybe you could just keep it professional with her at work, and stop hanging out with her.

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  • Don't make it into a competition. Yes cam girls gets much more easily follows and donations because gaming community is full of young horny boys just hitting puberty. But do you even want that kind of followers?

    The best thing you can do is not to look what others or your friend does, but be completely yourself. I watch a lot of streams and I'm planning to start myself too. I have noticed what makes streamer good and what not. If you want advice or help you can tell your twitch name and I can check it out.

  • Look if you are into gaming then enjoy that, there is plenty of competition in that to keep you having fun. If you are only in this to stream and gain a following then you have to ask yourself are you into gaming or the notoriety?

    • Like I told the other I could careless the thing that's fucking with me is how much she's coming to me and rubbing it in that's was messing with me you would think us being friends she wouldn't feel to compete with me. The whole point of this question I asked was how I could avoid her just because she sends me pics of how much better she is at something I enjoy and at first I didn't care but when u constantly spam it's like how else am I suppose to feel

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    • Okay I'll try muting and avoiding it thanks a ton I just I don't know I'm a stupid person when it comes to this stuff and I let it hurt me personally so thanks a ton

    • Don't measure your worth in numbers on the Internet. :)

  • don't give up because of other peoples' success, it's not helpful. twitch is extremely hard to get into since the community is basically built. loads of egirls show off their tits and shit and people are going to watch it, they grow faster than others due to the amount of virgins on twitch


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