Things to do in Amsterdam?

I am visiting Amsterdam for three, maybe for days. do you guys have any suggestions on where to go or what to do in Amsterdam?


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  • I live thereeee. Uhm def go to the dam, if you're like wild with money you should go to PC hoofdstraat. Just be in central. Do a boat road thing, kalverstraat walking andddd you can eat good at leidseplein anddd I don't know

  • Definitely go to the museums. Rijksmuseum and the stedelijk museum have great paintings and sculptures. The I amsterdam sign is a nice place to visit too- but it's always awfully crowded. If you're into it you can smoke a joint. Visit some of the "hidden" churches. Take a tour on the water. Visit Artis, the zoo! Eat some of the typical dutch foods:
    -gouda cheese
    -our liqourish
    -heineken beer
    -uitsmijter (eggs)
    -broodje haring
    -snack from a wall! Kroketten, frikadellen, bitterballen!
    -patat (fries) in a bag with mayo.
    -erwtensoep (snert)
    Etcetera. So much dutch food that's super delicious.

  • Red district !!! Amsterdam is awesome :) I miss it :(


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