Will there be more female film directors, game designers and animators?

I am a 17 year old female and I want to become a film director when I grow up but when I researched about female film directors there weren't that many because they were always getting turn down due to their sex, I highly doubt that I am going to be one. I want to mainly work on animation films but now I can't see that it is possible because females are always being turn down in Hollywood, I also feel that it will be even harder for me to become a film director not just because I am a female but of my race as well. Becoming a film director has been one of my lifelong dreams but now I can't see that dream being fulfilled.


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  • Race and sex are not the barriers.

    Ambition, ruthlessness, how hard you are willing to work, and who you know are what matters.

    Simply talk to the film directors that you personally know the next time they come over to your house and ask to intern for them. If you put in 80 hours a week when you are not in school and 40 when you are, and do a good job, they will take notice and give you more responsibility.

  • Ugh, it doesn't matter. No ones cares. The industry could be filled with Jewish transgendered black people. I don't give two shits. Just make a good product and I'll buy it. I don't care who makes, mostly men, women, whites, Asians, i could not give a shit.


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  • I believe in you! I too want to direct and write movies, we ought to support each other!