Im yet to watch BVS and Suicide Squad should i?

i really really REALLY can't stand Ben Affleck and yet i found Henry Cavill in man of steel a good i know BVS is a continuation of Man of Steel as for Suicide Squad I just can't get behind Margot Robbie being Harley Quinn.

should i let both slide or keep my stance and refuse to watch both on the grounds of at like my brain where it is and not running out my noes


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  • I really liked Suicide Squad, though a lot of people didn't


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  • I haven't watched BVS either, I can't seem to make myself do it. I don't understand the concept of Batman fighting Superman and I just feel like it's going to suck balls.

    I watched Suicide Squad in 3D over Christmas and I did enjoy it, it was a good movie. I had my doubts about that one too, particularly because Will Smith can be a huge fucking cheeseball, but it was pretty decent.

  • yes there good movies

    • have a look at this

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