Is it inappropriate for a 18 year old boy to ask out a 15 year old boy in a young adult book?

Im thinking about writing a young adult book and the main character is a 15 year old boy, i thought it would be different if I made his love interest a college freshman or a senior in highschool


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  • make him 16, have them live in Washington, and he's all good legally


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  • Tbh I have never liked those book where that girl is 15 and the guy is 18 and above.
    Usually the author tries to make the girl appear either unstoppable/unbeatable (like this rebel who won't let anyone tell her what to do/ strong come backs etc) or this good girl.

    For the first, it's too cliche
    and the second good girl with no morals.
    o technically a bad one but some young readers don't care and rate the book with high stars anyway.

    The only book that I enjoyed with that age for the girl was Love and Other Perishable Things (or Items).
    Amazing book.

    Assuming your characters are mature, and does not repeat the cliche dialogues; esp when at a party and she puts on a dress and suddenly it "hugs her body in all the right places" :D , also not like the books P. S I like you, Love & Gelato, etc then go for it.

    Oh as for the boy being around that age, the annoying part is when he is this hot creature; esp a new student; or better yet an alien or something; Think the book "Obsidian."

    Now, for 17-18 year old guy, the book "The Collector" by Victoria Scott was really good. I only read the first one though. So only judging from that.

    • The alien part is funny because i am planning to make the book science fiction, but the hot guy will not be an alien fortunately. If i do write the book, i will do my best to avoid these cliches. Thanks. This will be a challenge for me as I have never written a sci fi book before


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  • Yes.

  • It wouldn't make much sense really, why the age gap?

    • Because it is common for teens to date teens in their school and I wanted to do something out of the norm

    • 18 is adult and therefore not a teen.

  • no, it's not


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  • It is inappropriate.

    • The age gap is too big... No 15 year old should be dating an 18 year old

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    • What if the 15 year old looks manly?

    • doesn't matter