Projector for cell phone?

My boyfriend and I don't have tv, cable or internet so we watch a lot on our phones. I saw a cardboard projector for phone but not sure how well it would work so was curious if anyone has gotten a projector and is able to use it with a cell phone and what kind it is. Also curious if it can be pointed toward the ceiling and play because that's about the only empty wall we'd have to use. Thought it would make a nice valentines gift so we don't have to crowd around our tiny phones anymore. He has speakers and stuff so we have good sound just wanna have a bigger screen to watch shows and movies.


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  • a projector? That's more or less obsolete now

    What I'd do is buy a TV then buy chromecast or any other wi-di adaptor and just stream what you want to watch wirelessly

    • I don't have money for all that. Looking to spend $50 top. I've found a few projectors online for $30-40 just not sure which one would be good or not. I know quite a few people who have them for home entertainment instead of a big screen tv but they use it with computer and Internet and what not and I don't have that

  • Based on the data usage, it might just be better to get home internet.. I hook my laptop to my TV through HDMI.

    • He doesn't pay anything for his phone and has unlimited everything so it's not really a big deal to him to use the phone to watch movies.

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    • Would the sound go through tv as well? I don't know much about that type of stuff, haven't had tv in years. I was looking into a real projector but that would hook up through phone but when I try and look them up doesn't really say much about working with a phone

    • Yes, HDMI is audio and video, but if you don't have A TV with that port.. You could just buy a projector, but there not cheap. Good luck!

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  • I had a projector a while ago but I lost it somehow. Anyway, I used to point it to the ceiling so I could just lay in bed. I don't remember the brand of the one I had, but you can try to find it on Ebay or Amazon. Maybe some stores sell smartphone projectors? It shouldn't be hard to find